Episode 5: The XRCO Awards


In this episode, we talk about the XRCO awards since Dr. Chauntelle, Roger Pipe and Houston Don / Don Houston are all voting members.  (Jeff is merely a sponsor, like a modern day Medici.)

Due to the holiday and other commitments, I haven’t been able to write the full show notes out; but I thought it was more important to get the episode posted, especially since it clocks in around 90 minutes.

We also started a new segment – “What Floats Your Boat This Week?” – which is basically a rip-off of Pop Culture Happy Hour’s “What’s Making You Happy This Week?” – but it seems like an easy way to point you to some things you might not be aware of.  It can be found at the 1:24:00 mark.

If you are in the industry (talent, production staff, all the way to warehouse worker) you are invited to the XRCO Awards (for free!), being held April 11 at Lush in Hollywood.  RSVP to rog@pipelinemultimedia.com to make sure you’re on the list.  If you’re not in the industry, you’ll have to be content with reading about the show on your favorite blogs.