Our First Episode!


So Dr. Chauntelle, Roger Pipe and Jeff Vanzetti sat in Jeff’s hotel room on Thursday morning before #AEE2015 started and talked about the show, the awards and a bunch of stuff inbetween.

Topics covered:

  1. IAFD (0:00)
  2. AEE Show Trade Hours changing from 11-6 to 2-10 (6:15)
  3. The transition of AEE from trade show to fan show to something like a -con (8:30)
  4. Are porn fans who pay forced to carry the pirates? (12:30)
  5. The shifting revenue streams for performers (15:00)
  6. The AVN Show and Awards (22:00)
  7. Best New Starlet – A Look Back at the 2006 nominees and winners (24:00)
  8. Best New Starlet – A Look at the 2015 Nominees and Our Picks (29:00)
  9. Belle Knox – A Tangent (36:10)
  10. Celebrity Sex Tapes – Are “Leaks” Fraudulent? (48:00)
  11. Wrap-Up and Rog’s IMDB credits (55:00)

The theme music is LA Montage from Rockit Maxx and is used under a Creative Commons license.

One thought on “Our First Episode!”

  1. Belle Knox: I’ve probably reviewed more of her scenes than anyone given the last time I looked on the IAFD and found just about every scene of hers wanting. Also, like Roger, I didn’t believe anything she said & was attributed to her writing but I may have rated her as a 2. Based on totality of factors, Carter would have blown away Alina Li for me, Alina doing great in gonzo but Carter doing excellent in gonzo, vignettes and features across the board. Curious point, would you have changed your votes if you knew Dakota was going to cut way back on scenes to go to school, India was leaving porn, etc? (kind of a going away present)

    In days past, no one was supposed to charge fans anything on the floor, for pictures, promo discs, or other swag, including autographs. It was written in the rules as I saw them long ago when lots of guys would drag carts full of covers and stills for fans to sign, some for sale on auction sites (they admitted it) and others wanted something personalized. I never really got a lot of autographs but did like saying hi.

    AVN Awards: I’ve spoken to many editors and insiders, some of whom went on to direct and others that left the industry altogether. Almost to a one, they made it clear that manipulating who would win was exceptionally uncommon, most of them crystal clear that with every other show, the awards had varying degrees of award manipulation (if they involved outsider votes). I have no first hand knowledge of any of that.

    Roger & Gram in Jack’s Playground was due to Robby making fun of “fuck pig” Melanie Jagger in #25, something I took them to task for in a review first. The guys got a role in #27 while I got torn a new one on the commentary track of #28; Robby later explaining it was a case of “man love” with me being accepted into the pack at the DP annual press dinner. To my credit, I suggested they use Gram and Roger more often in cameos as well as commentary tracks. The last time I saw Robby, he maintained that calling Melanie such was a huge complement from him and the guys, they just wouldn’t admit to having sex with her to friends…lol.

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