Our First Episode!


So Dr. Chauntelle, Roger Pipe and Jeff Vanzetti sat in Jeff’s hotel room on Thursday morning before #AEE2015 started and talked about the show, the awards and a bunch of stuff inbetween.

Topics covered:

  1. IAFD (0:00)
  2. AEE Show Trade Hours changing from 11-6 to 2-10 (6:15)
  3. The transition of AEE from trade show to fan show to something like a -con (8:30)
  4. Are porn fans who pay forced to carry the pirates? (12:30)
  5. The shifting revenue streams for performers (15:00)
  6. The AVN Show and Awards (22:00)
  7. Best New Starlet – A Look Back at the 2006 nominees and winners (24:00)
  8. Best New Starlet – A Look at the 2015 Nominees and Our Picks (29:00)
  9. Belle Knox – A Tangent (36:10)
  10. Celebrity Sex Tapes – Are “Leaks” Fraudulent? (48:00)
  11. Wrap-Up and Rog’s IMDB credits (55:00)

The theme music is LA Montage from Rockit Maxx and is used under a Creative Commons license.