Episode 3: Home Street Home, Kendra, Fleshlights and Paying For Your Porn

ThisAintNotTheViewXXX ep3Dr. Chauntelle and Jeff are alone this episode as Roger is off in San Francisco publicizing Home Street Home.

  • A bit of background on Home Street Home (closes March 7!); Dr. Chauntelle’s Uproxxx article on it (the commenter says its psychobilly, not punk  (1:15)
  • We’re on iTunes!
  • Kendra Sutherland get some molds of her naughty bits made at Pipedream Products (4:27)
  • Dr. Chauntelle visits Fleshlight (6:55)
  • Our last two episodes have had download in the TRIPLE DIGITS!
  • I had a nice email conversation with Eli Cross about the selection process for his movie X Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time (13:16)
  • PornHub sponsors the NY Porn Film Festival – I should clarify that while they sponsored it, they did not curate it. (19:12)
    • NYU Local (and others) have pointed out the weird relationship between the indie porn ethic celebrated by the festival, and having the festival sponsored by a company whose main source of income is distributing pirated content and profiting off the traffic.
  • Beating the #Pay4YourPorn drum and lamenting tube sites and combating the perception that adult performers are all rolling in cash and are not hurt by piracy.
    • An aside, as I think it helps illustrate the issue – Nate Glass of Takedown Piracy assists minor league wrestling organizations along with porn studios in their fight against tube sites and illicit distribution of their material.  He shared a Facebook post from The Tommy Dreamer, a producer of wrestling PPV events which sums things up really well.
  • People don’t understand Tube Sites business models (29:38)
  • Sasha Grey might have done more harm than good by exaggerating the industry via her stint on Entourage (36:36)
  • VOD Business Models
  • Pink Visual comes to the understanding that treating customers well results in repeat business (44:19)
  • Our generic-for-purposes-of-discussion sample domain, CumGuzzlers.com, opens full screen, with sound – so don’t go there if you’re in public or your speakers are turned up.