Episode 4: Marriage 2.0 and Adult Storytelling, Porn as Sex Ed


Episode Four adds Don Houston / Houston Don of XCritic.com to the Vanzetti  / Chauntelle mix.

We really only covered two topics this time, tho we went off on many tangents.

  • Ruminations on Marriage 2.0 (1:00)
  • Why aren’t all movies hardcore? How does hardcore sex in a movie enhance or detract from storytelling? (15:11)
  • Anal Gaping is a little icky? (21:00)
  • Does porn influence the sexual habits of our youth? (22:00)
  • Has porn pulled back from it’s harder edges and stunt acts (Adriana Chechik does triple anal in Gangbang Me vs. Bridgette Kerkove shoves a bunch of chopsticks up her ass)
  • Did the late-90s/early 2000s extreme porn wave stem from the fact that the veteran performers in the industry got bored with “vanilla” sex and, in an attempt to recapture the excitement of sex, go down sidestreets and alleyways and popularize more extreme acts in the process?  (30:00)
  • Cum omelette?!? Ami Emerson in American Gokkun 8 via Susannah Breslin’s They Shoot Porn Stars, Don’t They? (33:00)
  • NewNowNext: Straight Porn Star James Deen On Getting Rimmed: “I Don’t See How It’s Gay” (38:00)
  • Rimming: Here to Stay? Who’s the next big name in Pegging? (41:30)

Header book images via romana klee via flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0. Production stills from Marriage 2.0